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So another week gone by and it was again a super fast week.... I feel like I should stop saying that because all the weeks seem to go by super fast these days.

This week was an eventful week to say the least. I like being a zone leader because things seem to be so much more eventful and exciting. Plus we move around a lot more and so we have lots of different experiences.:)

On Wednesday of this last week we went to Chihuahua to have divisions with the assistants to the president. That’s when we change companions for about 24 hours and one companion goes to the other's area and the other stays in the same area and works with the other companion. It was a lot of fun and I went to the area of the assistant for the day. I was with Elder Gollaher, an American, and it was cool to be with another English speaker. So quick story, so one of the elders got ran over by a car like 3 weeks ago and is now living at the mission home, but he is much better now and was able to go out and work with us. So we were 3 Americans working together it was way fun! He is about to go home, the elder that was in the offices for medical reasons and so he had a lot of experience in the mission. He was actually my first district leader in the mission in Juarez when I got here. So it was fun to talk and see how much we both have grown.
On Friday we went to a little town in the mountains. Oh and by the way my comp and I are the zone leaders over the Sierra zone, the mountains with all of the little towns and such. So we went to a little town to get a couple married on Friday! The sisters work in the same ward as we do and have half of the ward boundaries and we have the other half, so we had to go to help them out and be the witnesses to the marriage. They go to a little town where the mayor is a member and does not ask for much documentation about the whole thing and does not charge too much as well. It was great to see them get married as then they were able to be baptized on Saturday. I baptized the mom! :) Also the sisters are in my district and so I did my first baptismal interviews! It was a family of 3 and it was amazing and such an uplifting experience. It was amazing to feel the immense guide of the spirit and all went well.

So on Sunday we had a regional broadcast for all of the members in Mexico. CuauhtĂ©moc does not have a satellite so we had to travel to la Junta, which is a little town like 30 minutes away. We had the Cobos family all ready to come with us, but they ended up going to Chihuahua and so now they can’t be baptized this week... sad. But Esteban went and really liked it and he is WAY ready to be baptized this Saturday! He is so humble and excited for all that he is learning. All goes well with the other investigators, they have their struggles and so all is not as perfect as it was, but we expect them to come to church on Sunday. I’ll keep you all posted.

So President Monson spoke in the regional conference along with Elder Anderson, Elder Gonzales as well as Sister Allred. They all spoke Spanish except for the prophet. I was surprised that Elder Anderson and sister Allred spoke Spanish! I didn’t know that Elder Anderson knows 4 languages! Crazy huh!? It was filmed in Utah in a little chapel without people. But it was great and I felt such a strong impression that they are servants of the lord and that they are in fact called by the Lord to lead and guide us. It was great to have our investigator listen to the prophet.

Also the mission president was there with all the missionaries from the Sierra as well. La Junta is like the stake center and so we all came there. The mission president is like the stake president in the Sierra and so he always comes. We got our mail and had our interviews with the president as well.

My comp and I continue to get along great and I am learning a lot. We have become good friends quickly and it’s made a big difference in the way we work together. We are moving ahead in a very positive way.

Oh and thanks Larissa for the package for Christmas and also thank you Bryan family for the package as well!

So today the other district leaders and I here in Cuauhtemoc planned a trip to the Mennonite museum. The Mennonites are from Germany and there are a lot of them here and we went to take a tour of the museum today. It was very educational and I learned a ton! There are way cool and it’s cool to see white people with blue eyes - ha-ha! It helps me to not feel so left out! I would tell you more about them, but you could just look for info on the internet if you wanted too. It was a lot of fun and very interesting.

Well all goes well and I love the mission! :) I have never been happier in my life and I’m so excited for all I know that awaits me. The gospel is real!


Elder Andrew Davidson

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