Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hey everyone!
So life continues to go well here for me. Since we have stepped up our obedience we have seen a lot of changes in our success here. There have been tons of less actives back at church and we have 4 baptism dates for this week end and 3 for the next week! Things are going really well here!
We have been teaching a mom and her two daughters for the past month and a half and they are getting baptized this weekend, so that is really exciting! She is very strong and is overcoming a lot and growing so much! I’m really proud of her. She has a rough past and is really learning to apply the gospel is her life and see the difference it makes.
Also we had an activity with the ward we put on this past weekend and it went really well! There were a lot of people there and we had like a ward social with sports and games, food, and a little devotional before the activity. It went great. So we are pretty much the people who lead a lot here so I have learned a lot about planning a putting on activities and it’s harder and more stressful than I had thought it was... ha-ha. But we have been working with a lot of less actives and it was good to get them all out to the social and see their progress. Also we got a lot of references too.
Life in Mexico is pretty exciting and new every day. Sometimes I’m hitch hiking a ride and just think to myself like wow... I’m in the back of a truck riding around with my comp speaking Spanish in JUAREZ Mexico.... ha-ha. It just hits me how crazy it is to be here. So we have changes this week and I don’t expect to move but I think my comp will so I will let you know how it goes. My address to write me here is in one of my first emails from here, like in March if anyone does not have it.
Sorry I don’t have more time to share a message with you all, but I just love you all!
Humility and patience are the key to everything is what I am learning and striving to develop. Two things I REALLY need to work on so I am putting my all and really trying to apply what I am learning everyday to help me be a better servant of the Lord.
I love you! Thanks for all f the love and support! I love hearing from you!
Elder Andrew DavidsonAndrew's Address while in Juarez:
Juliana Orozco c/o Elder Andrew DavidsonP.O. BOX 971802El Paso, TX 79901

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