Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So I know I always say I have no time... but this week I have even less because I had a lot of problems with my email this week.. SORRY!
So the week went really well and I really learned a lot. We had divisions twice this week with our zone leaders and I learned a ton. Divisions are when we trade companions for a day to learn from each other and only the leaders do it and because my comp is a district leader we trades companions and so one of the zone leaders came to our area with me and I really had to step up and lead all of the lessons and conversations so that was good. He also taught me a ton about tricks and tips for lessons, but also for the mission. SO that was really good. Then the next day our other zone leader (we have two but they are a companionship) came to my area with me to interview our baptism candidate. Yes, we had a baptism this week!!! yah!!! I’ll talk about that in a minute. But so he is American (the other was Mexican) and we talked a lot about the “mish” and he goes home in 2 months so he really passed on a lot of really good advice to me. He says I have the potential to really be a good missionary and leader and that I have been given certain talents for a reason and I need to really step up and use them. I need to work with everything I have to really leave the mission with no regrets. He really helped me out and motivated me a lot and I’m really applying a lot he taught me.
So our baptism on Sunday! So I got to baptism our investigator, Sandra Lizeth Campos Valenzuela. It went so well and her husband has a baptism date for the following Sunday. I hope he can get ready in time! Sandra is so so strong and really wants the best for her family and has such a strong testimony. She has made a lot of changes in her life and she is so happy and excited and it is the most amazing feeling ever to know I was able to help her in that. Her husband is more doubtful, but he is just a little lazy to change. Because change is not easy and it takes work, and although there are many people who know our message is true and feel the spirit and receive and answer, they just don’t want to change. Sad I know. But we are working with her esposo a lot and he is progressing but he still has a few more changes to make. Also Sandra’s baby was really sick last week on Sunday and we gave him a blessing and by that night he was completely fine and happy and Sandra really gained a lot of faith from that. Sandra is about 30 I think with one baby, and we have been teaching her for a little less than a month. Oh and here is something was special about it all, all her family was baptized 8 years ago and she is the only non member so it was a big deal to get her baptized. We also reactivated 3 members of her family through her baptism. Her other sisters are already active. It was very exciting!
Oh and I gave my first priesthood blessing in Spanish! Crazy! It went so well and I don’t know that I have ever felt the spirit that strong in my life! It was a huge testimony building experience! It was really special to me and I really felt like I was able to be an instrument in His hands! I love the Lord and this work!
I’m all healthy and safe and continue to work hard! I LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT!
Elder Andrew Davidson

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