Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Wow! So a lot has happened this past week!
So first off on Wednesday I received my new comp, his name is Elder Agustin and he is from Puebla Mexico. He has been on the mission for 5 months and was in my district in Juarez for the whole time so we already knew each other and we have always got along. I am also officially the senior companion with 7 and a half months in the mission but we still work 100% together it just that someone always has to be senior and the other is junior companion. I have always liked him and he is obedient and diligent, so that is GREAT. We get along well and I’m just way excited to have a companion who is not way dead in the mission and wants to work hard too! We are DEFINITELY going to make a big difference here in Meoqui! I’m way excited! Oh and he likes to play basketball, so we go to the church in the mornings and play so that is nice (we live 2 blocks from the church, or less).
So we have had a LOT of success this past week! It’s been amazing! First off we have the Hinojos family. They are a family of 7 and we baptized the two kids over the age of 8 this past Saturday, and we are going to baptize the mom and dad this coming Saturday. The dad, Javier, had to give up alcohol and really make a few big changes so we are pumped to help him out, and have really seen the difference and happiness in his life as he has embraced the gospel! They are EXTREMELY poor but it’s always a ton of fun to be over at their house because they have 3 little kids, 3 years old, 4, and 7 and they are hilarious! They find big bugs and play with them and it’s just a lot of fun to play with them. They don’t have any money to buy church clothes so I really want to buy them some. I don’t have any money right now, but I’m hoping someone sends me a little money for my birthday next week and I will use it to get them like a white shirt and tie. There are flea markets here so it should be real cheap, but I figure its a little way I can help them out. They also taught me a lot about pooling together as a family to make things work and about how really working together can make a difference. They are awesome!
So then there is Edwin! He is 12 and his mom is a less active, but she says she will be at church next week and her older sons are also members so we have been working with them a lot to help them get back into the church and be HAPPY! Edwin is EXTREMELY intelligent and his dad died a year ago, so we have taught him a lot about the plan of salvation. He gets baptized this week as well.
Then we have Paula and Aolani, they have a WAY cool story that is a little longer. They are going to get baptized next week so I will tell their story next Tuesday, or the one after their baptism. Sorry!
Oh and when they whole mission had changes this past Wednesday I got letters from mom, Mara, the Elms, Elder Lindsay, Larissa, and well a convert from Juarez too. I changed areas during special changes so the rest of the mission changed a lot this time around. I LOVED the letters and I am going to respond to all of them! Mara I am not sure where to send your letters and I’m pretty sure you have not gotten my last letter.
Oh and Danielle I got your package already! THANKS! I am not going to open it yet because I want something from my birthday. So yeah I will be 20 by next Tuesday! crazy! I’m excited, but to be honest not really.... I’m pretty sure it won’t be too exciting, but I’m not here to celebrate birthdays, I have people to serve!
It’s also been way cool being senior companion as I get to make the decisions. I like it... ha-ha! But really it’s not that much fun, but it has helped me to grow a lot and to be diligent all the time and never let up.
So yeah, it’s been a great week and I love being a part of these people lives, they are so amazing! I really love the people here! It will be hard to go back to the states ones day... Through serving people I have really come to love them so much and care about them. I love being on the mission and all the opportunities I have to learn and grow everyday because of it! There is nothing I rather be doing than serving the Lord right now!
The gospel is true, learn it, LIVE it and apply it. It WILL change your life; there is no doubt about it.
I love you all so very much!
Elder Andrew Davidson
P.S. This is my last email as a teenager..... HA-HA

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