Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hey everyone, so another week in Meoqui! And my birthday is in 2 weeks from today! Wow time has flown by! Crazy to think I will be twenty! I feel like it won’t be a great birthday because I have only been here for two weeks and I am going to get a new comp tomorrow... but I’m not here to celebrate birthdays so I don’t expect too much.
So my companion went home on Sunday night with all of the others, and yeah it was a little distracting for a little bit because it made me think about what things will be like when I go home. But I have been with Elder Woodward an elder from my generation since then so we have just been working here while we wait for changes to come around. We will all get our new companions tomorrow so that is exciting. Also on Saturday I had a really good interview with the mission president and he was real direct with me and thanked me for pushing Elder Regnier and Elder Mar (my last two companions) so much. He helped me out a lot and it got me real excited to lead here in Meoqui, and try to really make the difference here.
Things have been changing around a lot with all the changes and people going home so I have been able to talk to the leaders quite a bit and it has really been a big help and I have learned so much! I’m pretty sure it would have taken me like 5 years to learn what I have learned in the past 7 months here. It’s been a real up and down experience but it amazing to me how much I get to learn each day and how blessed I am that I get to be here and work with the amazing people of Mexico.
I have already met a ton of amazing people here in Meoqui and I should be better about telling you about the people we are teaching... sorry. I don’t have too much time but we are preparing a family of 4 to be baptized this next Friday. There are many more stories but I’ll be better next week about telling you about them!
Life is great and the gospel is true! Live it and be happy!
Elder Andrew Davidson

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