Tuesday, November 16, 2010




So today has been a tough day and things don’t seem to get any easier as the days goes on and I don’t have anymore time to use the computer to be honest....

This week was very eventful and now I am with Elder Lopez here in Revolution. He has like a year and half in the mission and is a good missionary. He is a good guy and we have been together a lot and so we get along well. Plus I have almost always been his leader, he was made a district leader when I was zone leader and has moved with me ever since and now he is my comp... The cool part is that we are zone leaders together and we get to travel to all the districts and we are not in charge of a district, so we can focus a lot more on the zone and helping everything go well.

Oh and Elder Johnson, the general authority came this week and taught us a lot of thing that are really going to help them mission grow a lot! I am sorry I don’t have much time to write you about it, but it was very special.

Oh and we had a ward activity that did not go as planned... but in the end it was very spiritual, which is what counts, and the members seemed to like it. Right now we are struggling a bit, but trials allow us to grow and to apply ourselves and learn to rely on the Lord. I am having great experiences that I know will help me all my life.

Today we had a meeting with all the zone together and the mission president came to talk to us and we talked about what we can do to apply what Elder Johnson taught us during the conference.

Well all goes well, sorry for the short email, know I love you and that I love the missionary work!

Elder Andrew Davidson

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