Tuesday, November 16, 2010



Hey family and friends!
So this week has gone by fast and I cant believe that I have already been with my new companion Elder Soliz for 3 weeks. Things continue to improve and Elder Soliz and I have progressed a lot together. The mission has been very difficult for him sense he has had his mom do everything for him his whole life and now is on his own. But its fun to teach him and we get along really well so he is always willing to listen. But at the same time it reminded of all the times my mom tried to teach me how to clean well and to iron my shirts and such and to cook and stay organized and all the little things that have helped me out a lot. (ha-ha)
The sad part is.... that I will no longer be with him anymore.... he does not know that yet, but last week during the zone leader conference the mission president told me that he is now going to put all of the senior and junior zone leaders together and so now I will no longer be with him.... unless they make me not a zone leader and I stayed training him, which would be cool by the way. But in the end I am here to serve the Lord, HOW and WHERE he needs me to. I feel like they are going to give me the change for the zone tonight. I will let you know next week how it goes.

Felix our investigator keeps progressing a lot and although him family was really hard on him he still is reading the BoM and has a strong testimony. I know he will get baptized soon, but at this point he just has to decide to do it. We taught him about the priesthood and he is SUPER smart and so he understood it all very well and is excited to receive it when he is baptized.
This week on Thursday Elder Johnson, the general Authority of the area is going to come and we have a conference with him on Thursday morning. We have a meeting with him in the morning for all of the leaders, and then after with all of the zones from Chihuahua. Then at 4:30 he is going to go work with a few missionaries in their areas, I am praying that he remembers me form before and decides to come with us, and then after there is a special meeting for all of the ward mission leaders and investigators. I am really excited and plan to learn a whole lot! :)
All goes well here and I am LOVING every second of the mission life! I love serving and have never been so happy in my life. Thank you all of for all of your love and support!

Love Elder Andrew Davidson

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