Monday, February 2, 2009

February 2nd 2009

Hey!!!So I have had my BEST week so far at the MTC! We are finally starting to reallycome around with spanish( I know I say that every week.. haha) As in we arereally having actual conversations in spanish now! We teach in spanish on thisThursday as well! My Companion and I are finally really getting along well andare actually good friends. As different as we are we have learned to have thespirit or charity, love and forgiveness with us and are working together so verygreat! It has definitely helped us both out tremendously! :D Thanks again forthe advice Mom and Larissa! I needed it! I think we both have just been verymature about everything the past week. Oh and we got to drive up to SLC to get our visas too! That was funa dn itmeans we are going to leave on time too! Which is very rare with MExico by theway! We leave on march 2The spirit here this week has touched me and my heart more this past week thanever before. I had some of THE most spiritual and growing experinces in my lifeand my testimony really solidified its self. There were a number of ocasionwhere things happened and teachers taught us things that really came to hit mehard! I will NEVER bear my testimony the same way ever again; on of the teacherstaught us about putting our ENTIRE heart into our testimony everytime we shareit. I kNOW this church is the true church of Christ just as I know I am alive! IKNOW we can really come to become friends with out father in heaven and Hereally does love us and is fully aware of the things we are doing! I know itwithout a shadow of a doubt in my mind! I know it for myself becuase I was ableto ask Him through prayer, and He has let me know of His church! Im so sorry Icould not have been a better example yo some of you before, but I promise I willalways so my best to be better! I love you all so very much! ALREADY, serving a mission is THE BEST thing I have done in my life, thisopportunity to draw so very close to my loving Father in Heaven is wortheverything to me! If you have the chance to serve, PLEASE do not pass it up, youwill come to regret it your whole life! Im not trying to down grade anythingelse in my life, serving a mission is just the best thing i could be doing rightnow. I am so grateful for this opportunity and know that it is NOT a sacrificein the slightest becuase I know he will bless me becuase of this. I definitelyhad some doubts before leaving, but only a month in I would not trade thisopportunity for anything! :DI love hearing from all of you and could not be here with out your support andlove! Thank you so very much! LOVE Elder Andrew Davidson

Oh and is an amazing site that has lots on answers if you have anyquestion about the Church of JESUS CHIRST of Latter-day saints :D Its an amazingsite. Especially the movie clip by Steve Young about Myths and Facts about theMormon Church. If you want a real answer by the church about what we blieve, its on this site :D

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