Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hi again! So I am in my 8th week here now! Time has gone by so crazy fast the past few weeks! As I have learned to just go to work with all I have in me, time has really been going fast! In two weeks from today I will be in Chihuahua Mexico! Crazy!!!!! Im way excited! I am getting a little nervous becuase we are obviously very far from fluent and I forget things when i am talking to native speakers! haha They plan on us learning most of the vocab and words in the field too, so I feel really nervous! My comapanion will probably be a native too, so I hope he speaks a little english! :) There was nothing really new this week... I think am finally just getting used to the schedule and such here. We taught again in spanish and it went really well. We even had a little spanish convo with the 'investigator' after ward too! It was weird to think that I am communicating entirely in a language that I just learned a month ago for the most part! Crazy! I imagine I will learn at a much faster rate once I get there, too! I'm excited! I have made a few really good friends here that I know I will be lifelong friends with. There are definitely a ton of amazing elders here. I feel very priveleged to be here with them and am very grrateful for this opportunity. Thank you for everyones letters this week and I loved the packages I got, thank you. I will be sure to write back today :) So i guess at this point I do not have anything super new going on.... same week routine. We now have to start teaching the second lesson in spanish now so that is a whole new set of vocab that we are going to have to learn. It is way busy all the time here, we are constantly working hard on something, there is very little down time or free time. Its very comforting to know that this is the Lords work and it makes it so much easier to completely devote myself to what I am doing. Sharing this gospel that brings me so much joy is the most amzing feeling ever and I am so very excited to get to Mexico and share this message with the Mexican people. Thank you all so very much for all of your love and support. It means so very much when I hear from you, thank you. Love, Elder Davidson

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