Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So I have like no time to write once again... so I’m going to be real brief. Sorry!
First of all we had Zone conference this past week so that was a lot of fun to see all of the missionaries and we learned a ton so that was good. It was also nice to be able to respond to all of the questions and participate in the conversation without being afraid. Well my Spanish is always a little worse in front of a lot on missionaries, I’m not sure why. I guess I’m just not very confident with my Spanish yet. I’m still learning though and everyone tells me I’m learning really fast so I guess I’m doing okay with that part of it. Also I’m friends with the Zone leaders now and the other district leader so it made conference a little more fun to since I know most of the other elders now.
My comp and I have continued to put a lot of stress on obedience and have continued to have extreme success here! It’s been going so well and we have got so many less-actives back to church and I love when they start to see the blessings poured back into their lives once they are active again! It’s one of the greatest joys in life! I love being here and being on a mission!
So one of the coolest things so far in my mission happened to me this past week! So on Saturday at night we get called and asked to speak the next morning... and I was just like wow... I get to speak for 15 minutes in another language tomorrow with no time to prepare. But the old me would have been all upset about how rude it was of them and how inconsiderate of them. But I was just like; wow... well I have to speak tomorrow whether I am happy or sad so I just accepted it. So in the morning I wrote down a few scriptures I wanted to share on a note card and that’s all I had time for. Then I spoke on Sunday like I always wanted to! All I had was the note card with some scripture references and I talked for 16 MINUTES! Crazy! In another language! I have never been able to successfully give a talk in English like that let alone Spanish. And I was calm and not that nervous during the talk and never really struggled for words and could say what I wanted to. In the end I left out a few things I wanted to include but it went so well! I was so grateful to my Heavenly Father after because He helped me out so much! For me, it was a little miracle. And it turns out there was an ex-mission president there who is an area authority and came up to me after and said I have great Spanish and had a great message. He is from Mexico but his wife is from NJ but they have lived here for 30 years together, as in Mexico. So that was fun! It made me very excited and gave me a little more confidence in the whole language thing.
So life is good, I am safe and healthy! Juarez is CRAZY! But exciting! I love the work and the gospel is true!
Elder Andrew Davidson

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