Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 2nd 2009

June 2, 2009
So I actually have no time this week. I used my time to right personal emails to mom, dad, and Danielle so sorry about that. But the week was good; my comp is now District leader of our district so that is cool. He is learning how to be a leader but I am too so that is cool. We have had a few meetings already and it has been good to get to know the other missionaries and see what kind of leaders the missionaries are. I feel like I learned a lot from their examples. It’s also been good because we have really been striving for obedience with exactness, like shower for only 10 minutes and all the little rules. And we have really seen many blessings because of it! It has been amazing to see how straight forward the principle of obedience is and blessings you receive when you follow it! The scriptures say it like a million times but I feel like sometimes we fail to understand it. But the truth it’s very simple and not always easy, but ALWAYS worth it! Always! I really want to share a story about our new investigator but I don’t have time sorry, I’ll try next week. We just really have been seeing the blessings from working hard and being obedient to the best of our ability! Oh and I put my first baptism date, as in I invited them to get baptized all on my own!
Also I had a full 25 minute conversation on the bus alone with another passenger. I understood everything he said and he understood what I said and we just talked a lot about random things and then he asked a lot of questions about the mission and such. He is way excited to have the missionaries visit him and was fun to talk to. He was a little shy and nervous because well we are in Juarez, but I lead the whole conversation and asked all the questions for the most part! It was really exciting! Because I talk to people a lot but the conversation is always with my comp too, so it was cool to have it just be me and him and my comp and sitting somewhere else talking to someone else on the bus. I guess that sounds silly, but it was really exciting after when I realized that I just talk without any trouble in Spanish. Exciting huh? It a really weird experience learning a new language and not speaking English and having my mind think more in Spanish.

Oh and I got a letter from my buddy Steve (room-mate at BYU) who is serving in NY, NY and part of CT I think, but it’s crazy how different our missions are, yet we are sharing the same message! And he gets to go places on p-day... ha-ha. I was a little jealous for that... but it was good to hear from him. Thank you Linda and Sandi for writing! I love hearing from home!
Anyways, all is well; we are working hard and being very obedient! I am learning a ton and am very exciting to be here in Juarez! Thank you so much for all of your love and support! I need it!
Elder Andrew Davidson

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