Monday, August 17, 2009

So a LOT happened this week and I’m sad I am only able to write a small chuck of what goes on but just know every day is exciting and new. I love it here is Juarez; the days are much more exciting!
First off I got a new companion! Elder Jaurez went to the south of the state and I am with elder Regnier who is from Cuernavaca. I’m not sure how to spell it. Supposedly it’s really pretty there because most people freak out when he says where he is from. He has been in the mission for 22 months now and leaves in 2 changes. He is way relaxed and a cool guy. I am already learning a TON from him and he is a much better teacher than Elder Juarez was. Plus the words, or vocab, he uses is a lot different so I learn a ton from that alone. He knows more English than Elder Juarez does but never speaks in English. It’s really hard for me to speak in English and don’t really like to so we always just talk in Spanish. I feel bad because he needs to practice too, but it’s just harder to talk in English.... ha-ha. We get along well and I’m excited to have him as my comp!
Our leaders called us at 1am on wed and said we have changes and that we had to be at the bus stop at 6:30am so we got like no sleep. It was also a very humbling experience to be in the bus stop with all of the other elders and realize how little I am to the mission.... I worked with our zone leader until our companions came in from Chihuahua. It was a long day and I missed Elder Juarez more than I thought I would, we are good friends.
We also had baptisms on Sunday again and baptized the two daughters of the lady, Ivete that we baptized last week. It was SO special and exciting to see them together and to see Ivete helping her daughters out and the family being so united together. Ivete was never home and not a good mom before and one of her daughters told us she doubted her mom loved her before, but now after they have grown and changed so much through the gospel they are now praying together and are much more affectionate together and her daughters are happier than ever! I was just so great to see them all together and happy.
Since my companion has changed I have had to step and lead the conversations and introduce people so it has helped a lot with my Spanish. I am much better at leading the lessons and directing everything we are teaching and leading our conversations into the lessons. Stuff I need to be good at to be senior companion. I have learned a ton and have SO SO much more to go so I’m excited!
Oh and I had to speak in Sunday again but we did not have time to prepare so I had to just bring my scriptures up and spoke for 15 minutes! I was so calm and collect and organized it was crazy! I really liked it and know that the Lord was there helping me! We had so much going on with people being there and organizing the baptism and yet I was able to speak really well. So that was exciting. People even said stuff to me after and congratulated me
Life continues to go well and I really like all the new people in my district and my comp. I have more opportunities to learn and to apply what I learn into my life. I can really test and try my faith through my daily actions because faith always leads to action, always!
I’m so happy and grateful to be here and to serve the people I am privileged to be with everyday!
I love you and your support means so much to me!
Elder Andrew Davidson

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