Monday, August 17, 2009

Hey family and friends and everyone!
So another week already! I was a pretty good week overall for the most part. We had 3 people to get baptized this weekend pasado (last weekend), but they all fell through so that was sad, but things are going well with them right now.
So after another week with Elder Regnier, things are going well and we are becoming good friends. He is a little explosive and gets frustrated but it’s taught me a lot. I have to work on a lot of different things to get along with him so it’s been great when it comes to how much I have been learning. I feel like I learned a ton this week like Spanish, the gospel, and about leadership as well. So my companion is a leader of our district (smaller group of missionaries) so we had lots of meeting this week in the mornings and I have learned a ton as I am around the other leaders more. Plus I get to meet other missionaries and become friends with them. This morning we had a special meeting at 7 a.m. that was 35 minutes away with ALL of the leaders from Juarez (there are 3 zones here and over 100 missionaries) so there were a lot of leaders. The assistants to the president were there too and they taught us about an activity we are going to do this weekend. My comp and I are teaching about 40 youth for 3 hours, because all the leaders are going to teach at this big multi-stake youth activity. Cool huh? I’m excited! It was also cool to know a lot of the leaders there and it’s been a great learning experience. Plus my new comp uses a lot of different words so I have been able to pick up a lot of new Spanish words and ways to teach.
The only down side with my comp is that he is way old in the mission and is not as motivated to work as hard... but it’s been great because I have had to step up and teach more and be the leader which is actually a lot harder than I thought, but I have learned a ton!
Also we have a new investigator who is way awesome; his name is Javier and he is way ready to hear the gospel. He has been searching for the Church of Jesus Christ for a long time, as in the same Church Christ established when he came to the earth. He hates when church leaders are paid to lead and are leaders based on knowledge... both of which are not part of the church that Jesus Christ Himself established. I’ll write more on him next week and we will see how it all goes.
Sorry I don’t have more time to write, but life is amazing! I love serving others 24/7! It’s like a dream life and I have never been happier in my life! Crazy huh? Service is the secret to happiness! Well that and family and the gospel... but they are best combined!
I love you and miss you and thank you for your support!
Elder Andrew Davidson

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