Monday, August 17, 2009

Hey everyone!
So another week has gone by and my first here in Meoqui.... wow... It has been a long week to say the least with a lot of ups and downs. But it’s been pretty good and I am starting too really like the little towns I am in. I say towns because there are 4-5 out skirt towns that are also part of my area, but Meoqui it the biggest town and is where we live.
It’s been a little tough with the companion because he goes home this week, but I have really pushed him a lot and he has been an excellent missionary. The past few sets of missionaries here really slacked off a lot to say the least so a few people have so-so ideas and church activity has gone down a little, but I really hope to be the difference here and bring it back up! I have my work cut out for me to say the least. I have these two weeks to learn the area with my comp and learn from him and then I am on my own. It’s going to be a lot of responsibility. I know if I confide and rely on the lord I can do it, but it will definitely be tough. The leadership here is not too great so my comp and I have to run all the church activities for our little town. It’s exciting though! I really feel like I can make a big difference here and I am excited for it. It has been a little distracting with my comp and 3 others in our district leaving for home in a couple of days, and them talking about home all the time and what they are going to do. But I really decided I would not even want to go home right not, I have so much more work to do and learn here on my mission.
Oh, so when I got here we had a way tiny and not very good house and I have already got us a new house. It’s only 10 dollars more a month and is twice the size of our last apartment and has a well working toilet and hot water for showers. We woke up and cleaned it real real well and are moving today! It’s a little tough with my comp because he leaves in a week and could care less, but he helps out. Oh and I spoke in church on Sunday again and it went real well! I felt real good after talking and it gets easier each time. Plus here we are going to speak every second week of the month so I will get used to it.
So yeah Meoqui is coming along, it’s a farm town and they produce a lot of corn, alfalfa, and watermelon. And I love watermelon and it’s SO cheap here. Like 50 cents for a HUGE watermelon so that’s cool!
I’m grateful to be here on the mission and I have never known more than I know now that the gospel is true and that we really can be happy in life, we just have to LIVE the gospel principles and watch them take effect in our lives!
I love you all so much and that you for all of the support!
Elder Andrew Davidson

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