Friday, November 6, 2009



Hey everyone!

So another crazy week gone by already! I swear time keeps speeding up! I had to be in Chihuahua again yesterday so I did not write. I had to see the dentist again for the whole root canal bit. I have to go each week for like a month; does it always take this long? Guess I have never had a root canal before so it’s new to me. We came back yesterday in the night because I did not have to have another appt in the morning. SO that was good.

This past Friday we had the baptism of Chewy, or Jesús Huerta! He is one of my best converts and is amazing! I have already told a number of stories about him, but it was an amazing experience to be at his baptism. He is already preparing to receive the gift of the holy ghost this weekend as well as receive the priesthood so he can baptism his best friend who is going to be baptized the next week! :) Cool huh? He is way excited and so is she! She is not his girl friend, but she is a lifelong family friend who continues to progress as Chewy is! His younger brother, Edwin, my convert is going to receive the priesthood this week as well! :) Chewy also goes to institute and all and has friends in the church and everything. We have even talked about the mission a few times as well! :) I know its quick, but I want him to want to go for the whole year or so he has time to prepare. :)

Also when we were at the baptism and we eating cake after (yes, we bought a cake) some guy from Oklahoma comes in and looks for me and starts talking to me in English. He is here for work and is a member and saw the church open and just wanted to stop by and say hi. Turns out he went to the BYU Oklahoma game in TX and showed me pictures and all! He wanted to talk to a few people, but doesn’t speak Spanish.... so I forgot and start introducing him to Chewy and such as he wanted to congratulate him and then after one would speak they would both look at me to translate... it was weird, but kind of cool. I forget most of the time that I speak two languages so it’s fun to remember sometimes.

So we had stake conference this week and there were two members of the seventy there so that was cool. One was from the first quorum of the seventy and part of the area presidency of Mexico and gave a great talk. It got Chewy all excited all over again and it was fun to be there with him and explain a bit of the church organization to him.

So we had a family home evening this past Monday with a recent convert family and it was a lot of fun. They are all so humble and ready to learn, but yet so unsure of themselves. They always want us to tell them how to do it all... but then they don’t learn. So we help them to do it all and just help out a little. It’s a lot of fun and I love being with families :)

Oh and my comp turned 20 this past Sunday so that was cool. I made him breakfast and gave him a little present. :)

The work continues to go well and I love being here. It’s a lot of work and can be really tough at times, but I would not trade these 2 years or experiences for anything! Thank you for all of the support and love!


Elder Andrew Davidson

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