Friday, November 6, 2009


Hey everyone!

So another week down and many more to go! So this week went well for the most part, I have been a little sick these past three days, and not that it’s too bad. It’s just sad because no one really cares... sad, but true. You just have to deal with it and act like you are not sick and keep working to the best of your abilities. I guess if you have a good comp he would care, but all of mine just look at me like I need to suck it up more and doesn’t say much to me.... Life in the mission. It always teaches me a lot about little sacrifices and relying on the lord, so that is always great.

Today I have to head to Chihuahua again; we were just able to get in our email time before we have to leave. Kind of sucks to lose your p-day for a month for a tooth... But what can you do?

So there have been a number of good experiences this week. We have been working a lot with the part member families and the less-actives and have had a number of Family nights this past week. It’s always a lot of fun and interesting. In one of them we were having it in the lower end part of town and we had a good activity all planned out and the people were going to write stuff out and all.... but then as we started we remembered that no one could read or write... opps.... ha-ha ! We made it work out and we were just a humble group of Gods children trying our best to learn :) I liked it!

So our investigator Brenda, who is 30, continues to progress a ton! We hope to baptize her this week end, but we have to wait to see how a few things work out. She is very strong and knows the gospel; she just needs to allow it to really touch her heart. She is actually the best friend of Chewy; they are not dating at all, just really good friends. So that’s exciting.

Oh and this week we confirmed Chewy and then had Chewy and Edwin ordained to the Aaronic priesthood! :) It was awesome and chewy already talks about a mission! Okay, so side note, we made the radio here in Meoqui!!!!! One of the members was listen to the radio, and then some Catholics got on and were bashing other religions, what they often do, and they mentioned us! SO I have mentioned that I started an English class and it was free and it was a chance to serve the people. So this radio station is over all of the area and delicias and other bigger cities. So these Catholics on the radio mentioned us giving English class for free! Cool huh? I don’t think they meant to help us out. Not sure if I explained the story well or not, but it was funny to us.

I continue to love the work and love being here in Meoqui. Even as times get tough i know why i am here and what I need to be doing. Obedience is the secret to life. If you want to be happy, follow God’s advice, it’s ALWAYS the best advice :)

Love you all!

Love, Elder Andrew Davidson

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