Friday, November 6, 2009



So I don’t have much time today because I spent all my time writing my family individually and writing a little longer emails... sorry!

But this week was another fast week and I am pretty sure I worked harder this week than any other week in my whole mission. We taught a ridiculous number of people and we really stayed diligent. I have one of the hardest areas in the mission to say the least and so we have really have the privilege to learn to continuously stay diligent and not let up. Obviously we had times when we lost a little bit of time, but we stayed real strong. I feel like running every morning and getting up early has helped us to really stay focused and diligent. :) It’s something I really need to learn and carry into my life when I come home.

So I realize that I need to be better at telling more stories when I email and tell more about the lives of the people we teach and less about the little things... ha-ha sorry. So I will try to tell more stories of the people from now on. I don’t not have much time and the internet cafe is about to close, but I will write what I can.

So right now we are teaching someone named Jesus (Chewy) Huerta Gallegos and he is the older brother of a convert and is 22 years old. I’m pretty sure I have mentioned him before. So he continues to progress and we have become great friends. But the other day we were ending a lesson with him and his friend and we invited him to say the closing prayer. So in his prayer he mentions how he wants all of the people who feel lonely and alone like he did to find the missionaries where ever they live. Then he says that before we came he had been praying for a sign that God exists and loves him and that he can be lead and that WE are that sign. That he has come to have so much more faith and loves the changes he has made and how much happier he is. So he mentions all of this in his prayer thanking our Heavenly Father for all of it, and we were just like.... WOW.... We all felt the spirit very strong to say the least! Then after I was writing in my journal and reflecting on what he said and I realized how very sacred this calling we have is. How lucky and privileged we are to be here and how we are to be this "sign" from God. We are to be on His errand for these two years and need to be doing all we can every second of the day. We need to allow ourselves to be totally obedient and be lead by His guidance. How amazing is the opportunity to be a missionary! I recommend it for anyone! It will change the way you see the world and teach you how to truly be happy! :)

So we are getting kicked out right now, but I promise to tell more stories next week! The work goes on and we are working hard! Its tuff sometimes here in Meoqui but I have come to love the people and all they continue to teach me each and every day! This is all one big learning opportunity for everyone! :)

I love the work and thank you for all of your love and support! Oh and thanks Larissa and Grandma Stevenson for the package and letter!

Love you all so much! Thank you for all the support!


Elder Andrew Davidson

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