Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hey everyone!
So another weeks gone by and it’s already Thanksgiving. Well in the states it is... here people do not even know the holiday exists! I had actually forgotten about the day until today when everyone wrote me about it!
So I do not have too much time to write because I was looking at the pictures mom sent me, but this week was a little less eventful.
So we have this new investigator, Veronica, who is hilarious! She is a little hyper active and so she has a hard time listening to someone speaking, but she loves to read. So we gave hear a Book of Mormon the other day, like 10 days ago, and turns out she read the WHOLE thing! She had the book covered and bought a leather case to put it in! She loves the book! Veronica has read the bible a little before, but she stayed up till 11pm reading the book and then gets up at 3AM to read more! She is so funny about it and her testimony is so pure. She raves and raves about how much peace the book brings to her and how it is SO clear and makes her feel so much love. She loves the short story of Joseph Smith that is at the front of the book and has read it like 15 times she says. It’s funny as she tries to explain how she feels about it to us and talks about how different this book is and how the words go to her heart and she struggles to explain it and then asks us a lot, "do you know what I mean??" ha-ha and we are like YES we know what you mean! She is great and I’ll let you know how things continue to go with her. She is 39 and has a family of 4 so we hope to see the whole family at church :)
OH side note... so Veronica tells us that when the Jehovah witnesses came to talk to her, her daughter took the water for the dogs and dumped it on them! They come and try to make you feel dumb and teach you that you are wrong, so the daughter wanted to defend her mom and poured water on them! This happened a while ago and Veronica says she daughter likes us so we don’t need to worry! The way she told the whole story was great! :)
So for another quick story, we contacted a 7th day Adventist, Alberto Olgin, a little while back and his family lives far away. So this last Friday we ride like 30 min to go visit him in the little town next to Meoqui and it turns out he knows a ton about the bible. He has not been going to his church for like a month because they say that God, Christ and the Holy Ghost are all the same and if you read the bible that’s OBVIOUSLY not true, they are three separate beings. So he is way smart and educated and when we talked the first time he was just talking about how wrong the Catholic Church is for like 20 min… It was funny! But we talked a little about the restoration and he did not have too much time and we had to come back this past Monday. SO we get there and he is nice and all and I had studied the bible during the past 3 days so I would be ready for his questions :) So we start talking and all and he gets all stuck on a few points and I teach him from the bible and he changes the interpretation of the scripture a lot. He understands very well that God has called prophets in past times and that there is a NEED for a restoration and that there was a great apostasy, it is all taught in the bible. But he was stuck on Joseph Smith seeing God, so I showed him Exodus 33:11, and he says that Moses made an error and who knows what. Then I showed him the other 4 scriptures that say the same and he gets frustrated, which is bad because we are not there to argue with him. The spirit of contention helps nothing. When he realized we were firm in what we know to be true, he asked to end with a prayer. Then he said a great prayer that was EXACTLY how we pray! We ended on great terms and talked a lot and he had quite a few random questions about the church and us so I was glad we were able to plant the seed and allow him to see the differences. That we are NOT just another church NOR an American church, but the church that has existed since Adam. It is God’s church. It was a good experience and we made another friend. :) The coolest part is that he is the house keeper for a mansion! So we were able to wonder around for a while at the mansion.
Thank you mom for the package and Larissa for the bible and wonderful letters and also to Grandma Davidson for the letter and thanks Brie for the letter too! :) Your support is amazing!
The work is amazing and I love the chance I have here to grow and learn so much! I love the Lord and know the gospel is true!


Elder Andrew Davidson

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