Sunday, January 10, 2010


Hey everyone!

Merry Christmas! :)

I hope everyone is able to have an amazing Christmas and all goes well! This week I got the package you sent me mom and also an AMAZING package from the Mason family!!! Thank you so much Jill and Shawn for all you sent and I have yet to open the wrapped gifts but I shared all the treats you sent! Thanks! :) Also, we listen to the CD a lot!

So it’s crazy to think that its Christmas already and that I get to call home! I’m way excited, but things around here have not been too different to be honest. Christmas is not as big of deal here as it is the U.S. Everyone has a little party on the 24th, but there is not as much excitement about Christmas. It is weird to me. Everyone says that the New Year is what people celebrate more so we will see. Meoqui put up a big Christmas tree and there are several holiday decorations around the city and on the houses. I feel like it does not feel like Christmas because nothing much has changed in my daily life. You know? I just keep on working each day and serving people. :)

But I am looking forward to the phone call home and on the 28th we have a mission conference for Christmas. So I’m way excited more than anything to see my buddy Elder Killpack who has been my best friend here in the field. He was in the MTC with me and we write and were in the same district my first 3 months in Mexico. Oh and I have lots of gifts to open on Christmas morning and that should be fun too!

These past 2 weeks have been great because I feel like I am progressing so much personally here in the mission. I have talked to my leaders a lot and today my zone leader gave me this big "future leader" talk. It was nice of him and I am glad he sees potential in me. I have been trying so hard to put my talents in the hands of the Lord and have him make the most of them. Obviously humility is a big part of it and I have been trying really hard to be much more humble in all I do. In listening to people and really taking advice well and staying patient in all things. It’s been a good growing experience and I have a LONG way to go. I have learned a ton, but I feel like the Lord has much more in store for me :) As humans we are a very prideful people and we struggle to really rely on the Lord in all we do. This is a lesson the Book of Mormon teaches us and it also teaches us how much the Lord wants to bless us if only we stay humble.. Obviously it’s a life goal and one that is hard to achieve, but that does not mean I shouldn’t try as hard as I can to be all He needs me to be while I learn. After all, we are commanded to be perfect. Which to means we better try our best and as we fall short, as we always will, The Lord will make up for the rest :) I hope to stay on this learning curve and allow the Lord to teach me all He needs to. Sorry if I don’t make sense, I’m still a junior in all of this and am learning how to put it all in play, but it’s been a good learning experience. :) I would not trade this mission experience for anything! I know as we allow the Lord to take hold of our lives we can and WILL soar to new heights we could have never imagined we could achieve!

So this week has been another successful week and we have met a number of new investigators thanks to the activities we have done at the flea market these past two weeks. We have improved the way we teach a great deal and we hope to keep improving a lot.

Chewy is great and we are talking to the bishop about having him called as the young men’s president for the ward! :) Obviously I’m very proud of him and he has progressed a lot. Sometime he can be a prideful person and so he does not progress as much as he could sometimes, but I too was a prideful person so I’m not one to talk. We just do our best to help him all we can! :)

Sorry I am not able to include more details this week, I was watching the videos my mom sent me for Christmas and I have had little time to write. It was weird to see pictures of the house and realize how blessed we have been and how blessed I have been. How lucky I am to have the mom I have had to teach me so much, how lucky I am to have a dad who really cares about and loves his kids, for my brothers who should be more grateful sometimes, and my amazing example for a sister I have! I need to thank the Lord much more than I feel like I do for all the blessing I have received and our receiving! It’s crazy to me how much the lord loves us! :)

I love you all so much and thank you for all the love and support you give me! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and all goes perfectly!


Elder Andrew Davidson

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