Sunday, January 10, 2010



So wow its Christmas time already! It’s crazy to me how fast time is going by! This week I do not have much time like normal so I’m sorry if this is a little short...

This week was a little tougher to be honest and we have faced a lot more persecution this week. The people here have been struggling a lot and have not accepted us too well these past two weeks. During the week we were really able to help a lot of people out and I felt like we are making a difference... but then not many people come to church and it’s really sad. We just have to continue onward and do our best to help Meoqui progress. Meoqui has taught me a lot of patience and that we must always have the attitude of service!

So I wrote a number of letters and made some packages, but the mission president is not going to send them for another while... so I’m sorry if they do not get there before Christmas. We have to go to Chihuahua again next week so they can put on my final crown (the last one broke) and so I will try to send a few more things out as well. Sorry to everyone if I am not able to write as much as I would like too; I am going to try and get on that.

I have been re-doing all of my lesson outlines and really trying to include lots of questions and such. It’s been great to see such a difference in the way we have been able to teach. I have really been focusing on my ability to teach as of recently and it has been of great help. Teaching is a wonderful talent I really hope to develop more completely here in the mission.

SO it has been WAY cold here! It even snowed a little bit here this past week and snowed an inch in Juarez! I thought I was supposed to be in Mexico! Why is it cold!? Ha ha

So this past week we went to Chihuahua again and we got to ride with the mission president and his wife and it was a lot of fun to talk to them for an hour. They are great and I really enjoy talking to hna Flores and hearing all the stories she would share. She told me how she would interview her son’s girlfriends and scare some of them off if she did not like them! Ha Ha I thought it was great! ;)

I KNOW the gospel is true and all of the trials we have had here really help me to realize how strong of testimony I really do have. There are not many members here and we have to help them a lot to stay strong. There have also been a lot more people mocking us recently and it’s been great to realize how much I have grown and how patient I have been and how unbothered I am. I am here to testify of the truth; if people do not want to accept the message God has then that is their choice. All I know is that I need to do my part and do all I can to help them progress. They are ALL children of God. I KNOW the gospel is true and that we are blessed for all of the sacrifices we give, I know it!

I love the work and continue to learn a ton!

I love Spanish and now have an American leader. We speak English more and I now can speak English better,:) I’m learning to be able to speak both languages together so I’m happy about that.

One of the great blessing we have among all the trials we are experiencing is the spiritual growth in Chewy. He is GREAT and continues to prepare himself for the mission.

Sorry to not write more details... I just do not want to say negative things, it does not help anything. We are here to struggle, learn, and continue onward!

I love you all and thank you so much for all of the love and support!

Love Elder Andrew Davidson

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