Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hey everyone!

So this week was a great week because on Sunday I got to talk to the family! :) It was a lot of fun to hear how everyone is going and to hear how grown up Spencer and Trevor are! It was also weird to realize that I have officially been out on the mission for a while now... I still feel like I have just started but talking to the family I realized that I have been out for 16 months, that is a long time! Also I am pretty sure it was my last time calling home, because I think the mission president is going to send us home before Christmas this year because of school and all. Plus that way we can be with the family for the holidays.

But this week we went to visit a less active member who lives in the area and it turns out her kids are not members of the church. There are a lot of problems in the house to be honest, but we found Sayra Acosta, possibly one of the best converts I will have in the mission. She is 10 years old but SUPER smart and mature. She basically lives on her own because of all of the problems in the house and the fact she is alone most of the time. She feels the spirit so strong when we are there and LOVES the church. She can feel the difference and the love that her Father in Heaven has for her. She is going to get baptized this next Saturday the 22nd of May. She came to church this week and loved it and is our great friend :) She has a strong desire to have something so much better than what goes on in her house and wants to grow and learn so much. The church is going to change her life forever and I plan on staying in contact with her for a long time, she is the cutest little girl. It is sad sometimes so see her so alone in the world and we always want to be able to do more for her.

So yesterday we had zone conference in Chihuahua and is was one of the better zone conferences we have had. I was not too nervous this time around to teach and did a better job than I have done before so that is good. Also we bought a cake for President Flores since he just had his birthday and that was a lot of fun. We talked a lot about our purpose here as missionaries and how we can depend on the Lord more. We need to understand that we are doing the Lords work and must do it his way. That pride is thinking we can still find people to teach and baptize even if we are disobedient. It was a great conference and I learned a lot. Oh and we also talked a lot about change and the atonement and how we are here to grow and change and that that life is always changing. We can never expect things to stay the same and should be always changing for the better.

All goes well here with my comp and we keep working hard. We have found a number of new good investigators so we will see how it all goes, I will keep you posted about it all.

Oh and I got letters yesterday at the conference. Thanks Grandma Davidson, Cheryl, Paul. Sister Dozier, and Larissa for all the love and support. I will be much better at responding quicker!

Love you!

Elder Andrew Davidson

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