Friday, August 6, 2010


Hey everyone!

So this will be one of my shorter emails because I do not have much time because I have been figuring out what pictures I need to get from my district because this is the last week of the cycle.

This week went well and things go well here in Cuauhtémoc! Yesterday we had a leadership meeting in Chihuahua with all of the zone leaders and the district leaders from the three south zones of the mission. My comp did not go because he is going home this week but I got to go with my buddy elder Killpack which was a lot of fun. A year and a half ago we would have never imagined going to a leadership conference together on divisions in Mexico... ha-ha It was fun to be together.

So the new mission president is GREAT! He got rid of our ability to send stuff to El Paso and all... but he is so excited and experienced! He is an SUPER amazing public speaker! Better than you can even imagine! I love hearing him talk and he is going to change so much about the Mexico Chihuahua Mission! I am sad that I only have 6 months to be here with him, but at least have a fourth of my mission left with him so I am pretty excited about that. He said he is going change the way things run and he is going to make us expert teachers of the gospel! He has plans to do a ton of new activities in the wards and stakes here and is going to help the church grow so much. He had a TON of success when he was a bishop and a stake president for 10 years in Baja California. He is going to work a LOT more with the missionaries and is going to go out to work with us during the day and go with us to lessons and such. He is going to go to each ward and stake and teach the leaders what to do and excite them and he has a great vision for the mission. I really hope I get to work a lot with him because he is going to teach me so much and I know that they are things that I am going to apply during my whole life! :)

So Ana Rosa is going to get baptized this weekend... I realize I have not told you all too much about her... but she is great and is learning SO much. Since she started to read the BOM she has changed a lot and her progress has come a long way :)

I love the mission and I continue to learn a ton each and every day. Thanks you all so much for your love and support and I can’t wait to hear from you all.

Remember that the new address is:

Elder Andrew Davidson

Calle Morelos antes Ojinaga #2210-A

Col. Cuauhtémoc

Chihuahua, Chihuahua, México

C.P. 31020

Love you all so much!

With Love,

Elder Andrew Davidson

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