Friday, August 6, 2010


Hey everyone!

So I no longer have much time to write you... sorry... we had a little conference with the mission president here this morning and so we have little time to do everything that we need to get done.

So this past week we had changes in the mission and my comp Elder Cruz went home! Crazy! I was sad when he left and felt lonely.... we were great friends and I have never taught the gospel so well like Elder Cruz and I were able to do. I will miss him a lot and he was definitely one of my best companions here in the mission!

Surprisingly I did not change areas..... I will complete like 8 months here before there are changes again. I really expected to change but I am glad I stayed. I am really happy here to be honest and we now have the whole ward to ourselves. Before we shared the ward with the sisters but now they both left and we have the entire area. It is a huge are to be honest but I am excited for all that we are going to accomplish here this next month! :) My new companion is Elder Gallegos. He has been here for 4 months but has been in the other ward, so he just changed wards and is now with me.... He is a junior companion normal and not a leader like before. I am now the only zone leader here AND I am the district leader here.... I liked it better before when my comp was the district leader but I expect them to call another leader here in another area and then I will be free to visit the other district leaders more. There were very few changes in the zone to be honest and so things are just about the same here. I am excited to work more with President Angulo and see all that we can achieve this month! :) I have a number of new ideas and things that we are going to try and accomplish with the zone. Plus president Angulo is changing a lot of things in the mission and I expect we will become much better missionaries :)

I am also excited to work here in Cuauhtémoc with the missionaries. We are a small number now so we are going to have to step up, and I am SO pumped for all we are going to learn.

Ana Rosa did not get baptized because she needs to talk to President Angulo first but we expect that interview to happen this week and that she will be able to get baptized :)

All goes well and I love the missionary work! :)


Elder Andrew Davidson

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