Friday, August 6, 2010


So this week was the longest and hardest week that I have had in a while... Change always brings a bit of a challenge, but at the same time it is what allows us to grow and progress even though it can be hard. It has been different with the companion and all and we are learning a lot together. He is not too fond of the US so I have to make sure that I don't comment about the States much, but I think as he is getting to know me and he is opening up more. I feel like an American offended him one time or who knows what, but I am his first American companion in the mission... ha-ha! The good part is that he is learning how to teach still and it has helped me to remember all that I know in regards to teaching people and how to apply it all. I feel like we don't teach as well, but we are learning to teach together and he is getting better

Ana Rosa, the investigator, continues to progress a TON and wants to get baptized and all but we just have to wait for the mission president to come for the interview. But it is funny to see her at church because she is like a member now and has her own friends and ride and all. She is involved in the Relief Society and even signed up to feed us next month,

We have a number of people who are progressing right now and a lot of potential in the area so that is good. I also realize that I really love the ward I am in and know just about all the members.... which I guess in normal since I have been here for 7 months now...! But it is fun to work with them and a lot easier because I know them so well that they are more willing to help us out.

The mission president says that the first presidency has changed the way that we are going to teach and that they are going to train us on how to do it next month and that we are going to be there for 4 days training and teaching so I guess I am looking forward to that.

As you all know you can NO longer mail me things at the El Paso address, you have to send them directly to Mexico. Which costs more and takes longer so I recommend It is a lot easier there and it gets to me a lot quicker?

Thanks so much for the love and support!


Elder Andrew Davidson

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