Sunday, October 10, 2010


Hey everyone!

I got a kid in the mission!!! How cool huh? and the BEST part is.... that my comp is from Bolivia!!! ha-ha! I am stoked and very happy. He is such a funny guy and I Love that we are both foreigners here in Mexico and we get along great. He served in Boliviafor a month or so because his Visa did not come through so he is not completely new to the mission stuff, but Mexico is a lot different for him. It is fun because he makes me remember a lot of the things I thought and said when I got to the mission. He is from the city La Paz and has been a member all his life and is cool. I wanted to send a picture, but I forgot my camera sorry.

On Wednesday night they called me to tell me that I was going to get a new comp and I was really sad to be honest because in my three weeks with Elder AvendaƱo I came to really love him like a brother. But after a day or so with my son in the mission I felt great and I understand a lot of the things that Lord wants me to learn in the mission right now. I was worried I was not going to have a kid in the mission so that is exciting for me. Plus I don't feel to old in the mission and it keeps me working super hard so its all good.

The area is also starting to improve so that also makes life a lot better. When I got here there was nothing at all! Serious they did not even have one investigator for more than a month. This week a number of our investigators didn't show much, but 5 of them came to church.

Adilene is going to be baptised this week on Friday and is progressing a lot. But our coolest investigator is names Felix. He is studying his masters degree here and his girlfriend is a member. I am not sure how much I told all of you about him last week so sorry if I am repeating myself.... His girlfriend, Lizzly, live with her brother who just got back from the mission and her younger sister as well. It reminds me a lot of BYU and college because they are a group of teenagers living together. They are great and I love teaching Felix because he is So smart. He is already ending the first book of Nephi and LOVES it. This week was his second week at church and he has started to progress a lot. The ward also had an activity this week on Sunday night where they gave tours of the church and each organization explained what they teach to the family. He loved it and loves the church and his testimony is growing a ton. I feel like by the next time I write you all, he will have a baptismal date :) I am exited because he has so much potential in the church and feel be a future leader! :)

Also another friend of the family of teenagers started to learn about the church and we had a great lesson with her and ALL the members participated and the spirit was so strong there! She also came to church and she is a lawyer and just graduated from school, she is 24. Oh and Lizzle is 25, her brother who just got back from the mission, Jared, is 22 and their little sister, Jazmin, is 18. It is a fun group and they are from Casas Grandes, The Mormon colonies, so they are really strong members, speak perfect English, and help us out a lot! The drive us to where we need to go and always make us brownies and cookies and such. Felix is the coolest out of all of them and I know he will be a lifelong friend!

As you can tell life goes well. I love the mission and LOVE what I am doing. I Love the Lord and that is what motivates me each day to get up and work strong. The mission is the best experience I have ever had and it has FOREVER changed my life. I have had too many spiritual experiences to ever be the same person again.

Thank you for all your love and support and I will keep you all posted on how things go and all we accomplish this week!

Love you!

Elder Andrew Davidson

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