Sunday, October 10, 2010



HEY everyone!

So another fast week has gone by and I feel like time continues to speed up with each weeks that goes by. This week like all of you already know we had general conference. In the stake center where we had conference they always put a room in English for the American missionaries and a few others who speak English as well. I had to listen to parts of conference in Spanish during a couple of times during my mission and to be honest it is not the same by any means. I guess it is because I have come to know the prophets by their voices and its weird when it is in the voice of someone else.

Felix our great investigator had a tough week. He went to Camargo, where his family lives to tell them about the baptism and they attacked him more than he ever expected. His mom and sisters cried and were all upset as if he had committed some kind of deadly sin and his dad told him to wait like 6 months to be able to do it. They also took him to a catholic church and had him talk with a priest and all.... Yeah, he had a rough time. But he has a strong testimony and stayed strong to what GOD has revealed to him and says he wants to be baptized in the true church, but needs to wait for his family to cool down a bit. He is 24 all lives alone and all, but he loves and respects his family and all so it is tough. But the whole situation is tough because the point of the church is to bring family together and not pull them apart. The down side is that his family remains in ignorance because they do not want to listen to him and what he says about the church. We have a lesson with him right now so we will see how things are going. I know his family will open their heart soon and listen to Felix and be able to support him.

All goes well with my comp from BOLIVIA! He tells me all about it all the time and I really want to go to South America some day. I also want to study outside the US for a semester or so after I get back. Who knows yet, but I have a lot a new plans and ideas now that I have learned a lot more about the world outside of the US. I feel like BYU has a number of international programs so I will try and be apart of that for a year or two after I get back. What do you think? :)

Today we had another zone leader conference and it went well and the zone goes well. The mission was a bit down during the month of September but we are going well so far in October.

The ward is doing well as well and we have really gained the confidence of the bishop and he seems to be really happy with us right now. I love this ward already and I really look forward to staying here for a couple of changes.

I love you all so very much and thanks for all the love and support

Elder Andrew Davidson

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