Wednesday, December 1, 2010



Hey everyone!

So this went really well and I have felt a lot more pressure to work hard and accomplish a lot in a little bit of time. My companion is doing well and is learning a lot. It is funny because it reminds me of being new and all the many things that we learn in the mission. The coolest part of this week is that we sang in a missionary choir at the stake conference. yeah.... I was in a choir..... haha Its a little funny to me because I have never really liked singing too much. We also have a big stake activity planned for this week end and we are going to sing again there as well so that should be pretty exciting. I have come to like music a lot more than I did before and I have come
to realize that it is a lot harder than I thought it was to be hoenst. haha But I have it as one of my goals now, I want to learn how to at least know how to sing and read a bit of music even if my vioce is not too great, and I want to learn how to play a little bit more of the piano. I know it would be hard, but its now a goal of mine... haha

The other good part about conference is that we had a number of investigators there and we have found a LOT of new people to teach this week and really have a lot to do each day and we have like half the week full of appointments already! :) Today I got to teach in my district about helping our investigators get to church and so that was fun. I have not taught like a normal member of the district in a long time and I really enjoyed it. I love having a normal district again; it is a lot of fun to be honest.

So we have been contacting a lot of people and we have these new investigators that are SUPER rich.... They are So cool and are excited to have American friends.... It is kind of funny to me. They are really receptive and we have only taught them once and they
invited us over to dinner and the guy is going to fix our heater in our house and pay for it to be done because they live really close to us. This week we are going to invite them to be baptized when we see them on Wednesday. :) Something that I have learned in the mission that I am applying right now is the power of testifying about the things we teach. We basically just testify to people and the spirit does all the work. When they are the Lord’s prepared future members of the church, they are able to feel that spirit and recognize us as servants of the Lord and accept our message. That is all we basically do in all of our contacts and lessons. It works out well because even though my comp cannot talk yet he is able to participate a lot. It is something I wish I knew in the beginning of my mission. To not try convincing everyone we teach and not to worry if they don’t accept the gospel and to just keep looking for new people to teach. I don’t know how many we will be able to baptize in the month I have left, but I am going to leave the area full of a lot of future members so that is good. I have just come to love teaching in general. It is something I did not like too much before, but now I love teaching people.

Well all goes well here and I am loving the mission and Mexico. I love the people here and love the work!

Thanks for all of your love and support!

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