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Hey everyone!

So we went really far just to try and use good computers this week and it didn't really work out and once again it is really hard to type fast because the keys do not work very well.... sorry!

But we had another good week. It was not as good as last week to be honest because last week was just amazingly awesome. But Felix, the 24 year old guy, and the other lady we met last week Lidia Quintana seem to be doing really well. We had another family, the Garcia Robles family that we were going to baptize this week but in the end they have not read or prayed much and so obviously they still doubt a little bit. They still come to church each week, but they will be baptized the next week hopefully. Also Hector, the old guy that is like 55, will get baptized the next week and not this week so that is a little sad because he is a cool guy. But at the same time they are not going to get baptized for me and it’s better that they do it right.

Lidia is 30 and has no kids; I think I told you last week. But she has a friend who has taught her a lot and by the time we got there she was way ready to embrace the gospel. She went to church yesterday and has progressed SO much. She has changed so much in such a short period of time it is kind of crazy. She even came with us yesterday to the Christmas devotional and was able to see the prophet speak for the first time and she really liked it. She was trying to get me to sing in English and all.... ha-ha! She is a lot of fun and will be a great convert and has SO much potential in the church. I feel like I will be going to her temple sealing in the future. The sad part is that she kind of figured out yesterday that I go home soon.... she got real sad and started asking me questions about it and all, but I didn't really tell her much. I don’t want her to know that I leave next week yet. It is just better this way. Oh and I had not really told anyone in the ward when I go home and yesterday the bishop told people and it was kind of funny.... Everyone was so surprised and all happy for me. They are all happy and excited about the two baptisms we have this week too. I really have come to love the ward the members, it will be sad to leave.

We had a super power lesson with Felix this week and he is just pumped for his baptism. He understands really well and we taught him some cool stuff from 2 Nephi 31 that he really liked. He got a new iPod and put the scriptures on it along with all of the hymns... It was funny because he was so excited to show me it. I feel like he will reach amazing heights in the church. He is going to be an amazing leader. I am sure everyone says that about their converts, but he really is amazing!

I have felt really good this past week and I have been working hard. I have also seen a lot of progress on my comps side and he has improved so much. I am really happy for him and he says he finally feels like a real missionary so that is good. On Thursday when we planned for the week I was a little sad because we planned for my last 10 days here. It made me want to cry.... But I know I am working hard and that the Lord needs the very best of me this week.

The only down side is that we have a lot of mission conferences this week. I think they will be good and all, but I really just want to work in the field this week. That is what I really like doing. I LOVE teaching and sharing the gospel. It is the best part about all of this. I have learned to just testify of what I know to be true and invite them to know it too through the Book of Mormon and prayer.

In the mission I have come to learn of and LIVE a kind of happiness that I didn't even know existed. It has been the best decision of my life and I would not trade it for anything. I know the gospel is real. It is sad to realize that next week I come home. I am excited to see everyone, but I am also sad to leave the mission. It will be bitter-sweet.

Thank you for all of your love and support. Thanks for your prayers! I have felt them SO much during these past two years and it has made all the difference.

Love you!

Elder Andrew Davidson

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