Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So I have really loved Mexico! It’s crazy! haha I am sorry I am not going to be able to write much today but usually I will get to email on Tuesdays, but yesterday we had to drive to Juarez, which is my area, so that took about 5 hours and we did not get the chance to do our pay stuff. Sorry ahead of time for my terrible spelling and lack of caps because this computer is weird and not working very well. So sorry. So we flew in on Monday morning and then we were picked up at the Chihuahua airport and went back to the mission home and had our orientation and such and met up with the new native companions too. There were 12 us between the Americans and the mexicanos. They were amazing though! I loved them! They were the most fun people I have ever met before! It was the longest day of my life, yet one of the very best. I was way nervous at first but I got much more comfortable really quick once I met President Flores and Hma Flores, they were extremely nice and welcoming! The new elders were too! And the Mexican ones. We stayed the night at the mission home and then the next day we had our study time and then we had much more orientation and then our new companions came. Sorry to go through the story so fast, I just do not have much time today. We also had the best meal ever on the first night. Real Mexican food is amazing. It was just so so so weird being in a foreign country the whole time and seeing no English at all. It was kind of a culture shock for a little while, but it’s mostly a language shock.Anyways, we had more orientation with the older elders and then found out who our companions were going to be. Mine is elder Juarez from Tampico Mexico and does not speak a bit of English, and I really mean that. All he can say in English is, whats up baby... ha-ha he is way fun to be with and is an expert about everything here. He is patient with my Spanish learning too so that is nice. oh and side comment about the 2 days of learning what to do, it was almost all in Spanish... ha-ha very few people speak English around here. We then took a 5 hour bus ride to Juarez where my current area is. We got in real late and mainly just went to bed, but today had been packed full of all kinds of crazy thing. I love living in Mexico, but mainly I just love living with Mexicans! Ha-ha they literally are the nicest people I have ever known in my life! It has been amazing getting to know so very many of them, I love it! The members down here are great too! A ton has happened to today, but will include it in next week’s email because I ran out of time. All the mail goes though El Paso and is just USA to USA mail so you can use USA stamps and send it to that address. I forgot the page that tells me what they are, but I got to write a letter to my family yesterday and I included that so maybe Danielle will be able to post that for me. But it is very simple, all mail goes to El Paso, there is a package address, and a letter address, and you send it just USA to USA and you do not have to worry about anything else. oh and I think dearelder works really well too already got a dearelder on day 1 from Larissa, I don’t know when you sent it Larissa, but it was extremely nice to get that on my first day! So the last 2 days have been the most adventurous days of my whole life! I could literally tell you about 15 hours worth of crazy Mexico stories already! Oh and something funny, so if 15 year old girls in America talk fast, you need to hear the 15 year old girls here speak! Ha-ha at lunch today at a member’s house, there was a 15 year old girl talking to us and I have never heard faster spans in my life! Ha-haI love it so much here! My house is crazy ghetto and I love it! Ha-hait’s been amazing to see how international the gospel is! It’s amazing! I’m sorry I can’t write more!I will write more next week, sorry again for the spelling errors, this keyboard is messed up.I love and miss you all so very much! Cant wait to hear from you soon! Love, Elder Andrew Davidson

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