Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hey! So I wrote for about 20 minutes and then my palm bumped the keyboard and it deleted everything, so I am sorry this email is so short... hahaLife has been okay here, there language is tough, but i have come to learn so much tho all of the struggles. I want to be able to talk so much more and help people and be the missionary I have the potential to be, but the language slows everything. So it get frustrating sometime, but I have learned to rely on the Lord so much more and trust so much more in His timing for me and that I would not be here if He did not need me to be here. It has been an enormous testimony builder for me to see His help in my life constantly though out the day. I have learned so much about prayer and how aware the Lord is of our lives. He truly cares about us and loves us, I know it. Being able to share the gospel is an amazing feeling! I love it! It makes everything worth it! When we teach we share a small portion of the restoration and about Joseph Smith and the BOM and then invite them to pray and to ask God FOR THEMSELVES. We are definitely not the people who convert anyone; it is always Him through the Holy Ghost. Always! I love that! It does not matter how much information we teach them, what matters is that they ask for themselves and receive an answer for themselves, that is it... haha We do teach them all of the lessons and such, but what really matters is when they pray and when they read on their own. It’s amazing to really be able to share the gospel with so many people and then follow up and talk to them every day about how life is going. No worries though, Mexico is safe! Haha I am with a native all the time and all of the church is native and all of the mission leaders are native so although I am an American, I am okay here. Most people know who we are and know that we are and what we are doing and know we don’t have money, so know body ever messes with us. It’s weird walking around with no wallet and no money at all... haha I like it! Haha The church is all Mexican and they would know if it was not safe for me to be here. Plus I’m with Mexicans ALL the time hahaI have been getting along with my companion great! I love Mexican people! Haha Most of them are so easy going and non judgmental about everything like everyone in the states is, I love it! People are so kind and willing to drop everything to help us out, it’s amazing! I’m sorry this is not longer or more in depth, I deleted the really long email I was going to send... haha sorry! I love you all and miss you so muchLove, Elder Andrew DavidsonP.S. oh and the address to send me letters at right now is the PO BOX in the last email. Packages and letters can go through that and I will get it much faster. Thank you! Oh and dearelder WORKS and is FREE to here too, just to give you the heads up. I will let you know when not to send letters and packages to the PO BOX anymore. Love you!

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