Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hey!!! SO things get better every week here, probably because my Spanish gets better every week... haha. Thanks grandma Davidson for the letter, it really helped me a lot this past week. So I can really understand more and more Spanish everyday, but I’m still not too close to conversational Spanish, which is sad because I want to speak so badly! haha I can convey what I want to pretty well now, not perfect, but I can usually say what I am trying to, so that is nice. About the investigators, we get most our new investigators from tracting and just talking to people. And we really make the most out of the people we do talk to. We visit people a lot and visit the new converts to so it helps them to stay active and continue to gain a stronger testimony. We really just work really hard and literally try and talk to everyone and help anyone out that needs it. We usually do not track too much because we are lucky to have so many investigators and coverts to visit. The ward members in one of our ward are really nice and help us out a lot so that is good. We have 4 baptisms planned for this next week so I’m really excited! Things are going really well here! I feel so very privileged to be a missionary! It’s very rewarding and when I realize how much I am learning, it’s definitely worth it!People here are almost always very nice to us, since EVERYONE believes in Christ and understand that we are really just trying to share a message about Christ, a lot of people help us. Like people stop and give us rides or the bus driver says we can ride for free, so just little stuff like that. The Christian world (Catholics, Mormons, and other Christians) like us and knows we are just trying to honestly help anyone we can and so they are all helpful. Catholics help us out a lot too! Haha There are a lot of Catholics here and they are way nice. I really love my area and the members and the investigators, I’m really lucky to be where I am at right now! We have these two investigators right now who are amazing! They have changed their lives so very much and have such strong testimonies! It been amazing for me to see them grow and change and gain such great testimonies. They have stopped smoking and drinking and live the law of chastity and everything! I’m sorry I cannot say more because of time, but they are amazing examples of what is possible through the lord. I am so impressed by them and they motivate me to work harder and learn more while I am here. I love being here and as hard as it is sometimes, I am always learning so much about life, and especially the gospel! A mission is truly an amazing thing! It has been a huge growing experience for me! Sorry I cannot say more. Hope to hear from everyone soon!Sorry that I cannot say more right now, there is so much to say but I have so little time... haha I cannot wait to hear from everyone! Sorry this email is lame... haha.

Love, Elder Andrew Davidson

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