Sunday, September 19, 2010



WOW! So much has happened since the last time that I was able to write you all! Last week we did not have too much time to write.... well actually we did not get to write because the mission president had a 4 day all mission conference! Cool huh!? All of the Zone leaders and the district leaders and the trainers from the whole mission were invited along with the entire sister missionaries! There we about 50 missionaries there all in all. We all went to Chihuahua and stayed in the mission offices with all the missionaries. We left Sunday night to go there and we didn’t come home until Friday morning! On Sunday night it was SO cool to see all the missionaries! I got to see so many friends and companions! It was so great to catch up with everyone! Plus Priscilla, my convert from Juarez, wrote me along with a few others. Then over the next 4 days, the mission president trained us about the new stuff we need to teach and how to teach. Well it was not too new to be honest; it was the same stuff, just more focused in. We had 4 days of conferences from 8am to 6pm everyday! I learned SO much and they were some of the 4 most spiritual days I have had here in the mission to be honest. There is SO SO SO much to tell and so little time to write.... sorry! But I will tell you all about it later, sorry!

These last 3 days here have been great and I am loving life! That seems to be the story of the mission, ups and downs...The zone is going great and we are ending August really well, and I really like ALL of my 4 district leaders! I am such great friends with all of them and it makes working together SO dang easy. We have a lot of work here in Cuauhtémoc and we have had great spiritual experiences to be honest!

We met a guy named Lehi the other day! Ha-ha! We showed him where his name comes from and he is ways excited to read the Book of Mormon :)

I have never felt so much spiritual power in my life and I am excited to keep on learning and growing!

Thanks for all the love and support and sorry that I can’t write more!

Love you

Elder Andrew Davidson

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