Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hey family and friends!

So this week was another good week here in Cuauhtémoc and everything seems to be going well. I wrote a lot to the family and so I don't have all too much time to write this email since this week is the big week of the wedding and all! :)

We now teach the Doctrine of Christ in the first lesson from 2 Nephi 31 and 3 Nephi 11. So we share part of one of these chapters with the investigators and we follow the spirit and teach them based on their needs. There is now no order like lesson 1, 2 , or 3 and we teach them depending on what they need to be able to progress. We now focus teaching about baptism and preparing to be baptised! It has been cool to put this into play this week and see all the success we have had! :) I have never had so many spiritual lessons in the mission and it helps us to be so much more aware of the spirit as we teach. Plus it helps us to know who are the people we need to be teaching because if they do not want to get baptised and follow Christ we don't teach them.... they reject us quickly ha-ha!. It helps us find the people that are ready to be taught :)

Kevin and Paula are investigators of ours who are progressing a lot right now! I contacted Kevin on a splits like 3 weeks ago and we finally have been able to make good appointments to teach him this past week. They came to church this week and they loved it,. They have a lot of family problems and so they LOVE how the church focuses on families. They have to get married before they can get baptised so it wont be a super fast the baptism, but they are ready! :)

Brenda was baptised on Saturday and confirmed yesterday and I was able to perform the baptism. She did not want to go under the water and so I took three tries to finally get here under the water....I had to almost push her under as we got close to the water! (ha-ha)

All goes well here and the learning is always great. I have been praying and fasting a lot for humility and patience this past week and for the opportunity to recognize moments to learn these attributes and so sure enough the Lord has given me a TON in the past few days... guess it is my fault for asking.... !

The other cool part is that I have received a lot of spiritual confirmations about Danielle getting married. I know it is going to be an amazing experience and I am proud and excited! The spirit has comforted me a lot and to be honest I don't feel sad or left out at all. In the end this is how the Lord wants things to be. I hope you all get to go to the wedding and enjoy it! I am VERY PROUD of my sister! :)

Oh and just to remind you to NOT send packages to El Paso anymore. My birthday is coming up and in case people were going to send stuff make sure to send it directly to Mexico and make sure it is a safe source. Oh and if you want ideas of what to send I would like nice Sunday ties. :) I have a ties to use each day, but on Sunday and for conferences I have nicer ties I use only on those days. Thanks! :)
Love you all so much and I hope all goes well this week!

Love, Elder Andrew Davidson

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