Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hey everyone!

So another fast week has gone by! We had a very successful week and I feel like we were able to put into play everything we have learned from the mission president has taught us.

Oh so last week I got a letter from my convert from Juarez, Priscilla, and she is doing SO well and is a counselor in the relief society in her ward! She helps the missionaries out a TON and feeds them and goes to all of the baptisms! Cool huh! She also talked about entering the temple and said she is going to tell me when she is going through the temple so that I can go with her!

So my best convert from CuauhtĂ©moc left to go to Torreon again… sad! But her husband finally opened up his heart and is accepting the gospel and accepted the invitation to be baptized. It will be cool to hear from them after the mission!

This week we had stake conference and it went well here. The mission president came and he is super powerful when he talks so that was nice to see the members a bit more excited

My companion and I are getting along great and he is growing a lot. He is newer in the mission and I love have a newer companion and teaching him everything helps me to remember all I have learned and to put it into play.

We are going to have changes tonight and the mission president told me that I am going to change so I will tell you next Monday where I am at. I am sad to leave Cuauhtémoc as I have come to love the people and the members. Plus we have so many cool investigators right now!

Oh and the El Paso address is open again! You can send me stuff through El Paso. The address is this one:

Elder Andrew Davidson


PMB 106

EL PASO, TEXAS 79901-2020

So you can send me stuff there until the end of my mission in case you want to send letters or packages. Oh and I turn 21 on Wed, the first of September!

Love you all and thanks for the love and support!

Elder Andrew Davidson

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