Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Hey everyone!

Another good week has gone by here in Cuauhtémoc. This week went by slower because my comp goes home this week and so he is counting time! I am glad I can help him out and all, but he has turned into an emotional wreck... I can imagine it must be hard and all, but he is like bipolar now. It has taught me a lot of patience and I really see Elder Rojas as a friend and so I am glad to am able to help him out and all. But I sure hope I don't have to do this again with my next companion.

So this week one of the sisters gave us cow tongue!!!!! She served us rice and beans and then the meat.... I stared at it for a while because it had lots of weird tentacles all over it. Then someone asked what kind of meat it was and she said tongue from a cow. GROSS! ha-ha! It actually didn't taste too bad to be honest. But I ate it all, and she put a ton on my plate. We were eating with the sisters as well and they were laughing a lot! I don't plan on eating it much more....

Marisol Parra and her daughter Lorelly Parra are progressing a lot. I told you about her last week I think. Marisol is a single mother and is 25 years old. She was a reference from a member from the other ward here in Cuauhtémoc and is SUPER smart. She is also a bit wealthy. We explained some of the commandments and she was worried that she was not 100% sure. SO yesterday we had a lesson with Betty Bustamante, the member from the other ward that gave her name as a reference, and a recent convert who is super strong in the church. Her name is Bripcel and she has been a member for 6 months now. She is also a single mom and is very converted and is super smart too. We also brought another teenager from the ward and so it was the 7 of us there. It was one of the best lessons I have had in the mission and Marisol was SO much more receptive and the testimony of Bripcel was great! We all testified and shared our personal experiencesand there was a very strong spirit there. I feel like she will get baptized this Saturday :) I will let you know how it all goes.

I had my last interview with the mission president and it was not too great to be honest.... not to sound selfish, but he talked about my comp the whole time and helping him. He told me that he had problems with depression and that he is doing okay now and that I need to help him a lot in this last week. But he didn't have too much time so it went by quick. He always teaches me something though so I realize there is a reason for everything. You know?

I thought we were going to get to go to the temple this week, but the mission president said no and that we did not achieve enough baptisms... even though we baptized 5 more than this district ever has in the past year. But this month there is a lot of potential so I feel like we can achieve even more this month.

Today district meeting went well and I taught the district about the importance of the constant companionship of the spirit. We then did a practice that I learned in the MTC. My comp shared his testimony at the end and all and then we ate together as a district and we went to the Mennonite museum together. I have come to really love my district and the district members :)

Oh and this week I had one of my most spiritual experiences of the mission. My comp has been struggling a lot and one night asked me for a blessing. I gave him the blessing and I have almost never felt the spirit so string in my life. I KNEW the words were from the lord and after I could not even remember most of them. My comp said it was what he needed and that I said a lot of the things that his patriarchal blessing says as well. I love being a missionary and all of the experiences that it presents to me. For all the opportunities that I have to use the priesthood and see how real it is.

All goes well and thank you Cheryl for the letters from Tyler and I am glad to hear he is doing well. Also thank you Linda for the letter as well. Love you all so much and hope you have a great week!


Elder Andrew Davidson

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