Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Hey Family and Friends,

So another week has gone by quick and my companion left for home!

It is always weird when a companion goes home and it was even weirder this time because my companion was probably my best companion and friend that I have had in the mission. We had are struggles and all, but we were really good friends and I have never had such a strong friend in the mission like I had with Elder Rojas. It was sad to say goodbye on Sunday, but it is all part of the mission and all part of learning and growing. We had a fun last week together and we even canceled some of the time we were going to eat with members to be able to go and eat out together :) He taught me a ton about leadership and the mission and about loving the people I serve with here.

Since Sunday I have been with 2 other missionaries from the other ward here in Cuauhtémoc and we have been working the two areas together. I have learned a lot here with Elder Valadez and Elder Gallegos and I know things happen for a reason. The Lord never messes up in the way he makes things. Today they are going to tell me about the changes we are going to have in the zone and next week I will let you know who is my companion and such.

It has been a bit heck tick here having my district of 10 missionaries and the zone as well for these 3 days, but it has taught me a lot. Every night I am on the phone for like an hour and a half talking to everyone.... ! Today in our district meeting we talked about gossip and how to avoid it here in the mission as well as how to find new investigators and invite them to be baptized. We had a few practices as well and it went great. We also talked about how we can improve for this next month and what we are going to change. I love working with the missionaries and I love my district and zone :)

All goes well here and I am doing great. Thank you for all of your love and support and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Elder Andrew Davidson

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