Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Hey everyone!

So this week was an interesting week and it went by super fast! Like 10 minutes after I finished writing you last week the assistants called me and gave me the changes for the zone and all the was going to happen in order to move the missionaries around to their new areas. Two missionaries left the district here in Cuauhtémoc, which was sad because they were my two closest friends here. But my new companion is Elder Cruz Parra! He is from Merida Yucatán, which is at the tip of Mexico. He is Way cool and he has taught me so much already! I feel like we are going to get along real well and I know I am going to learn so much this week. Elder Cruz is now the district leader here and the junior zone leader and they put me as senior zone leader here in the zone Chuviscar. I was sad to not be able to call the missionaries each night and today it was sad in the district meeting to not be able to lead or comment about much.... I know it’s a good new responsibility and all, but I loved being a district leader and the missionaries in my district! But there are 2 new district leaders in the zone and and it has been a lot of fun teaching them what and how to do everything. I had divisions with one of the new leaders yesterday in Chihuahua and it went way well. I felt like the Lord made me better than I am able to be able to give him an example and help him learn all I need to teach him to be able to help his district. ALSO the coolest part is that my buddy Elder Killpack is now a district leader in the zone!!!!!! I get to talk to my friend every day and we are going to have divisions and all! :) How cool is that! We obviously get along great and I am thrilled to have him here in the zone :) This past week has been one of my better weeks and Elder Cruz is a lot more focused and spiritual than my other companions have so I have felt a lot better to be honest. Oh the sad part...... Elder Cruz is going to end his mission is 5 weeks..... ha-ha! I am going to send ANOTHER missionary home! Can you believe that?? But I feel like this time is going to be a lot different than before and he is a lot more focused so we are going to have a great change.

We have our zone conference this Friday so that will be cool, plus it’s the last zone conference with Pte Flores as we will get a newMission President in a couple of weeks. I hope we do something special :) I am making a zone work plan for this change which I have to present on Friday so that is cool.

So the only sad part of the week is that I was robbed... I lost my USB drive that has 16GB of memory with ALL of my pictures from the mission!!! Sad.... but in the end it helped me to realize what is really important here in the mission and understand that all trials are here to help us grow and be stronger.

I love you all so much and thank you for your love and support! Oh and no one writes me anymore.... I used to get like 6 letters a month and packages and all....and now no one remembers I am here. I guess that means I have been out for a while now.... ha-ha!

Love you!

Elder Andrew Davidson

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