Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Hey family and friends!

So I think this past week was the busiest week I have ever had in my life! It actually made me remember finals week at BYU because it was so crazy! I have never had so much to do in my life!

This past Friday we had our zone conference and it went really well. It was weird because I have been to zone conferences my whole mission and it was now my turn to direct the conference. After the break I forgot I had to go up in front and lead and sat with my comp and the mission president was like hey.... aren't you leading... ha-ha! I also taught the missionaries about baptism in every principle of every lesson. Something I was really happy and excited to teach about. I was really happy because it was my best lesson I have even given in a zone conference with all of the missionaries there. I feel like I will be able to use the skill of teaching to groups a lot in my life :) The missionaries from the Sierra came and stayed here in Cuauhtémoc the day before and I had 4 other missionaries in the house with us and I had my buddy elder Killpack there with me too! It was weird to realize how far we have come and how fast time has flown by! It is fun to think about the beginning and where we are now as missionaries. He is an EXCELLENT missionary and I am really happy that we are going to be able to work together a lot this change :) The tough part about the week was that I had to put together a "work plan" for the zone before conference so I could present it to the district leaders and the mission president, which I had to do between Sunday and Thursday, and the mission president gave us two long talks to study before the conference and I had to prepare my lesson that I was going to give. That is why it was a lot do along with work in my own area AND I had to go to Chihuahua on Monday and Wednesday to have divisions with the 2 new leaders in the zone. But it went really well and like I told you last week I really liked training them and I learned a whole lot both days. Then on Sunday I had to give a talk..... I spoke about being an example and a felt like I was not too prepared but it went really well. I had a lot of stories to share with the ward. I have gotten much better at public speaking and I gave my talk without notes or even looking down to read stuff noted down - just me and my scriptures :)

So we are struggling a little bit in our own area, but we are starting to find a number of new people to teach. I had a way cool spiritual experience today looking for new people to teach but since I don’t have much time I will tell you all about it later.

I really like my comp and we get along really well. He is ending the mission but he is MUCH stronger than my other comps that ended their mission. Plus he has a lot of new responsibilities since it is his first time being a zone leader so he is strong. :) We are good friends.

The mission goes well and like always there are lots of opportunities to learn and grow. We get a new mission president next week so that is really exciting! I can’t wait for all he is going to teach us.

I love you all so much and hope to hear from you soon.


Elder Andrew Davidson

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