Monday, April 12, 2010


Hey everyone!
So sorry lasts weeks email was so short, I have more time today so I hope to write a better email.
This week went by so so fast and like normal I had a lot of good learning experiences. So most of the week I had been praying to know how to help my companion finish the mission strong, seeing how he will be done in 3 weeks. We are great friends so be honest and get along great almost all of the time. But I want to do so much more for the zone and if I start to do more he gets offended and mad and then it’s SO hard to work with him.
It’s been good at the same time because it’s taught me to be more submissive and patient and humble, which is always good to learn more about and those who know me when I was a teenager are probably thinking I am getting up comeuppance (ha-ha). We had divisions with the assistants and I had a great experience. Normally the senior assistant goes to the area of the senior zone leader, but the senior assistant came with me to my area and so I was way excited. He told me he knows I am going to be here so a lot longer and wanted to teach me a number of things. To be honest it was an answer to my prayers and I am going to really help my comp to finish out the mission strong. I know the things I am learning now will have endless application to my life afterward and will help me to have success in life.
So this week we had divisions 3 times and I almost didn’t get to work in my area for the whole week. On Wednesday I went to the other side of CuauhtĂ©moc, on Fri. I went to Matachi and Temosachi and on Saturday we had a baptism to be at and a ward activity we planned. Then on Monday I had to be here working with the assistant to the president the whole day. I worked with elder Martinez and he is an excellent leader and missionary. I look up to him a lot and his friendship means a lot to me. I feel so small sometimes in realizing how much I have to learn, but little by little I will become better and not so weak at times.
So a number of people came to church on Sunday with us and it was a great. We were going to gives talks, because we always do the 3rd Sunday of the month, but a member of the stake presidency was there and so he took up out time. I have learned to work a lot more with the members which is the secret to success in the mission field. Many of the members don’t participate in missionary work by themselves so we teach them a lot and try to work with the members each day of the week so the investigators have friends and feel better about coming to church.
So remember Ramon? The guy we found in the street? So turns out he had several federal felonies in the states a few months ago and can’t be baptized... but we have helped him to turn his life around and we have helped a lot of his family members as well. His cousin Veronica and her husband came to church and they have baptism dates for the 6th of March. :)
Sorry to not say much about our investigators.... I was not here much this week and traveled a lot. To be honest I’m not a big fan of it and like just being in my area, but I get to learn a lot and so I love it. Plus I love being able to help the newer missionaries on a one to one level and really teach them the best that I know.
The mission is the hardest yet most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life! I will never forget this time here and I have nightmares about going home some day.... ha-ha!
Oh thanks mom for the great package! :) Everyone loved the chocolates!
Elder Andrew Davidson

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