Monday, April 12, 2010



Hey everyone!

So this week went by super fast and brought a lot of changes. My comp went home on Sunday and it was sad to say goodbye, but it’s nice to be done with the whole him leaving thing. It’s not a super great experience to be with a comp as he is going home to be honest. I have been with a number of missionaries over the past 2 days and it has been great to learn from them all. It has also been a great growing experience to be able to work with all the district leaders and run the changes in the zone. It has taught me a lot and I like it when I feel like I have to step up to the plate. It helps me to grow a lot. I am going to receive me new companion today and his name is elder Rojas. He has 2 cycles left and then he goes home too. I have heard good things about him so I’m excited for all I am going to learn and all of the new challenges that I will face in the mission.

Ricardo Gonzalez did not get baptized this past week because he has to wait for an interview with the mission president. When there are heavier sins it requires a longer repentance process. But he continues to be way excited and willing so I’m glad I am going to be here to help him get through it all.

Also there is a family in our ward from Venezuela! They are SO cool and I love talking to people from different cultures and parts of the world. It made me want to travel a lot of central and South America when I get back. I love hearing about other parts of the world and how things are there and all. They also taught us a lot of new words they use there when we ate at their house.

This week I studied the Christ like attribute of charity and it has helped me a lot. I realize it needs to be the motivating reason for all I do and will allow me to be the missionary the lord needs me to be. It will help me help the people progress and also to help the missionaries. My mission has come to mean so very much to mean and I want other missionaries to be able to have the same joy as well. Like I told you it makes me sad when I see missionaries not taking advantage of their missions. Not to judge them or make them feel bad or anything like that, just because I have come to love it so much and it brings me so much happiness that I want them to have the same life changing experience as well. You know?

All goes well here and it continues to be the greatest learning and growing experience!

Thank you so much grandma Davidson for the letter and also Kendra too! Thanks for all of the pictures :) Thanks Larissa for the letter as well. Your support means a lot, thank you!


Elder Andrew Davidson

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