Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hey everyone!

SO another fast week has gone by and we have also started a new cycle here in the mission. The changes in the mission happened today and I am staying here with my comp and he is going to end his mission this change..... I am not sure why but ALL but one of my companions has been SO old in the mission. And to be honest I really don’t like being with a missionary as he ends his mission. But I know the Lord is the one controlling this work and that he has me here or a reason even if I don’t understand it or like it. I feel like that is one of the great learning lessons of the mission, obedience without understanding.

Recently we have had very few investigators and spend just about the whole day looking for the ones the lord has prepared. We have worked hard and have not had too much luck. But it has been a blessing because it has taught us to trust in the lord and allow Him to direct us to the people we need to find. To confide in Him and to realize that we can’t do this work alone, that we achieve so little alone. The sisters in out same ward had a baptism this weekend and I got to perform the baptism because she chose me. It was a nice experience and I love being at baptism services. Also an 8 year old in the ward was baptized and wanted me to do the baptism as well :) It was a privilege!

This week on Friday we have the zone leader conference which is going to be fun. It is my favorite part about being a zone leader... Plus we are going to learn about all the things Elder Johnson told President Flores to change in the mission. Plus I love seeing all the other missionaries because I have become good friends with so many of them.

Sorry to all the people I don’t manage to respond too.... I am not too great about responding to letters if you have not noticed already.... Sorry and thank you so much for all of your love and support!


Elder Andrew Davidson

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