Monday, April 12, 2010



Hey Everyone!

So I do not have much time today so it will be a quick note... sorry.

This week went by fast but we have a number of investigators progressing so that is great. Veronica Apodaca will get baptized on Friday and she chose that day because it is her birthday! She is way excited and we hope to shortly afterwards baptize her husband and mother in law :) She has gone to church like 6 times and has felt the spirit so strongly. Also an 18 year old named Diego Qintana will get baptized this next Saturday :) He is way excited and all of the youth helped him to feel at home on Sunday during services.

We also helped the sisters with their baptism this past Friday and the water for the baptismal font was not working and we had to fill it up with buckets of water... ha-ha! It was interesting and funny, but in the end it turned out great.

I loved a saying in the Liahona from March about how it’s not as important what we have done in our lives as who we have become. It was not talking about the mission but I thought it had a good application to being a missionary as well.

All goes well and my comp and I are working great together. It is funny because he is so small, but always wants to pick on me. Its funny and we get along great! :)

Love the mission and continue to try and do my best!

Love you all,

Elder Andrew Davidson

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