Monday, April 12, 2010



Hey everyone!

So another SUPER fast week and a lot of new things happened as well!

On Tuesday in the afternoon my companion elder Fojas got here. He is from Pueble Mexico and has 21 months in the mission. He is a world different than many of my other companions but I am excited for all of the new things we are going to do with the zone. He is not focused on going home at all and doesn’t mention it to the members so it helps a lot so people are not always bugging him about it. He has taught me a ton already and I feel like I am learning so much. I now have 10 missionaries in my district! It’s SO great and I’m excited because big districts are always fun. The missionaries are way excited right now and I really hope we can accomplish a lot this cycle. :) Oh and it’s funny because my comp is super rich.... ha-ha!

The sad part about changes is that we lose a lot of the time we need to work in our own area. I know the lord blesses us for it but it’s sad to not be able to visit our investigators too much. On Monday I was with 2 other missionaries because their companions had left, Tuesday I had to help with all the missionaries coming and going in the zone, on Wednesday we did have a bit of time during the day, but Thursday not as much, Friday we had the zone leader council in Chihuahua, Saturday we had to go to Guerrero to do 5 baptismal interviews, on Sunday we have a meeting with all the district leaders in the zone and yesterday we had the zone conference where president Flores comes and it’s a all day conference. I had to give a talk on Sunday, teach in the meeting with the district leaders and then teach yesterday as well! It was great because it helped me to stretch a lot and really allow the lord to take control of it all. I know by myself I could not have accomplished it all or have done a good job. But the lord is always there as we rely on him and he allows us to succeed. ;)

The zone leader council meeting is always super powerful and it’s a whole day of doctrine and talking about how we can better the mission. AND Elder Johnson, the area president is coming on April 23 and 24 AND he wants to have a conference with just the zone leaders!!! I am so excited and its going to be so powerful. Oh and I was thrilled to see my good buddy elder Killpack at the zone leader conference. He is now a zone leader in Chihuahua and so it was a lot of fun to be there together. :)

Our investigators Veronica and Even are struggling a bit right now. Even went drinking again and then got in a fight... and got beat up super bad.... It was sad but I feel like the lord was trying to help them be humbled.... After the incident, we had a great lesson and they realized how much they really need the lord and even more during their trials.

Thank you so much Larissa for the package and all the food! I shared with everyone and my comp, but it was great! Especially the Costco trail mix! :)

The mission goes on and like all change I have learned a ton. I really get along with my comp and he is much more direct and he has taught me so much. I really hope to be able to focus a lot on humility and allow the lord to work through me. I love you all so much and thank you again for all for your support and love!


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