Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hey everyone!

So another fast week like always with lots of trials and things that help us grow as missionaries and as people.

The best part of the week is that Diego got baptized on Saturday! It was one of the best baptismal services I have ever had and I was privileged to be able to baptism him :)

His family came and we are working on teaching them and getting them to come to church. He lives with his grandma and she had listened to the missionaries before so she is way ready and a funny lady. She is great and we hope to see her at church this Sunday, Oh and Diego fasted on Sunday!!!! How cool is that! And he did it without us telling him to. Oh AND he came to church in a white shirt and a tie I gave him! It is an unexplainable joy to see him there and with such a desire to learn. His is pumped about receiving the Aaronic priesthood this Sunday and to be able to baptism his family members in due time. I don’t expect much time to pass by before he receives the Melchizedek priesthood as well! He also told us he wants to go on a mission!!! I am super excited for him and he is the reason I am here, to help the ones I promised come unto Christ and see the blessings. He has changed so much and is so willing to change, that is why he is so powerful.

Veronica is also super powerful and is WAY active. She goes to the activities and all. Her husband, Even Apodaca who has had a number of baptismal dates is doing okay. With the example of Veronica I know he will get baptized soon. Right now he is scheduled to get baptized the 24th of April, but we will see how it turns out. Veronica should get a calling soon and continues to progress a lot.

Cuauhtémoc is great city and I loved being here. It is not super hot like in the other parts of the state right now the there are a lot of people here ready to get baptized. :) My comp and I get along great. We have our struggles and all, but we get along like brothers and are quick to become friends. I feel like we will be lifelong friends and I hope I get to stay with him for a while.

So today I got robbed for the first time in a while... never to great of experience.... ! We only lost the cell phone though.

So the WAY exciting part of the week is going to be Friday! Tomorrow we have a meeting with all of the district leaders in our zone to discuss how the change went and how we can improve. We have done well this change so the assistants are happy with us right now :) But on Friday Elder Johnson, the area authority of Mexico who is a member of the first quorum of the seventy is coming. He is going to have a meeting with just the zone leaders and the assistants to president!!! 18 people and a seventy! How cool! I am so excited and am trying to prepare myself spiritual for the experience! We have no idea what he is going to talk about but I will tell you all about it next Tuesday. We leave Thursday in the morning and have all day Friday with him! I feel so lucky and want to learn all I can from the day! :)

All goes well here with the district and the zone; I am enjoying the mission and am a very happy person! I love the gospel and seeing firsthand how much happiness it brings into the lives of others!

Thanks for all your love and support! I got to go because we have interviews with the mission president!

Love you all.

Elder Andrew Davidson

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